Fundraigins opportunities are available.  

I can accomodate up to 40 guests.  On average, you can look to profit approximately $10-$12/guest.  I have a minimum group size of 20 guests for all fundraisers.  

You provide the location, tables, and chairs, and I take care of the rest.  I can even arrange an online payment option and then cut a check to your organization on the day of your event.  Other options are available as well.  

  1. 40 guests (wine glass)
    You raise $480
  2. 20 guests (canvas)
    You raise $200
  3. 40 guests (canvas)
    You raise $400
  4. 20 guests (wine glass)
    You raise $240
Let me know if I can help your organization. 
Contact me directly to get dates and availability.  We can discus all of the details at that time. Schedules fill quickly, so the sooner you begin planning, the more likely we can make this happen.